North Leigh School Recycling Project


The school have now extended the number of items they are able to collect.

The list now includes;


·        Standard size batteries (AA, AAA, C & D only).

·        Clean, empty crisp packets (any brand).

·        Toothpaste tubes, pumps, old toothbrushes.

·        Pringle pots

·        Biscuit, cracker and cake bar wrappers (not sweet wrappers).

·        Clean pet food packaging.

·        Cleaning product packaging, including pump sprayers, trigger heads and air freshener parts.

·        Beauty product packaging; wet wipe packets, sprays and trigger heads.

·        Pens (any sort)

·        Tippex bottles.

·        2ltr plastic bottle (pop/water) filled with clean and dry non-recyclable plastic. (these will be squashed and used as Eco bricks to build a recycling shelter)


All these items can be delivered to school or placed in the box in church, under the table. All the items collected help to raise funds for school and reduce the amount of rubbish that goes to landfill.